Anna Institute of Management is located in the city of Chennai, in a serene surrounding conductive for training, and is housed in a state of the art building complex with a built up area of over 8700 sq. mts. Facilities include an air-conditioned auditorium, fumished air-conditioned training halls,well equipped computer laboratory and a modern library. The Institute also has necessary accommodation facilities for housing trainee officials.

       The library at Anna Institute of Management has a fairly large collection of books, reading materials and VCDs/DVDs on Management and allied subjects. The library has more than 60 management journals which are used by trainees exclusively during their training period.

     The Computer Centre is equipped with state of the art computers and other necessary logistics to improve the efficiency of the training.  
The Computer Centre is extensively used whenever training programme on E-Governance and IT Enabled Services is conducted at the Institute.
    For the benefit of trainees, Anna Institute of Management has capacity to accommodate 100 trainee participants in the hostel, which has adequately furnished rooms and other logistic facilities.